Symptoms of bronchitis

Bronchitis is a virus or bacterial infection, physical, chemical or allergic reactions such as stimulation of bronchial mucosal damage caused by inflammation, often occurred in the cold season or when sudden changes in temperature. Acute bronchitis in general more acute onset, short duration, 1-3 weeks at many a turn for the better, evolving into chronic bronchitis. Many chronic bronchitis in the elderly hair, prevalence rate of over 50 years of age to 10-15%, but also because of infection or infections are caused. Clinical manifestations were more than two years in a row, continuing for more than three months each year cough, sputum or asthma situation. Mild early symptoms, many attacks in the winter, spring beyond reach remission after the late increase inflammation, symptoms of long years of existence, regardless of the season. Chronic bronchitis by the disease can be divided into three phases:
1, acute attack period: refer to appear in a week or mucous purulent purulent sputum, increased sputum volume, or fever accompanied by inflammation, such as performance or "cough" "sputum" "breath" and other symptoms exacerbated by any of the obvious.
2, chronic delayed transfer: refers to a different degree of "cough, sputum, wheezing" persistent symptoms for more than a month.
3, clinical remission: After treatment, clinical remission, the symptoms disappeared, or sometimes a small amount of mild cough sputum, maintaining more than two months.
Acute bronchitis incidence was particularly prevalent in the cold season, because cold and fatigue can weaken the respiratory function of the physiological defense to have the opportunity to develop infection. Most healthy adults by adenovirus or influenza virus, children with respiratory syncytial virus or parainfluenza virus found. After virus infection of alveolar macrophages inhibited phagocytosis and the vitality of ciliated cells, the bacterial invasion of bronchial has the opportunity to cause acute bronchitis. At the same time, cold air, dust, gas, etc. to stimulate the physical, chemical stimulation is also easy to cause the disease. Acute bronchitis is the trachea, bronchial mucosal hyperemia, edema, mucus gland hypertrophy, increased secretions, after rest and medication, the inflammation subsided, the trachea, bronchial mucosal structure and function return to normal.
The incidence of chronic bronchitis complicated factors, according to the cause at home and abroad to investigate and experiment control studies suggest that long-term by a number of factors and pathogenic interactions, these factors include: infection, physical and chemical stimuli, meteorological factors, allergy and immune function decreased.
1. infection: chronic bronchitis are caused by a common cause of essential. Bronchitis virus since the beginning of many who suffered from respiratory tract infection caused by these viruses invasive bronchial epithelial cells and cilia, including a large number of breeding, mucosal damage and epithelial cells to lose their protective effect, which makes the original existence of bacteria in the respiratory tract such as influenza, Anopheles blood bacteria, such as Streptococcus pneumoniae have a pathogenic role.
2. the physical, chemical stimulation: Long-term smoking and air by chemical poisons, dust or harmful industrial waste gas pollution, there is stimulation of the respiratory mucosa, damaging the mucous membrane of normal cleaning and defensive capabilities, it will give rise to chronic bronchitis. According to census statistics, the long-term smokers than non-smokers suffering from the disease of chronic bronchitis, a high rate of 2.8 times the amount of smoking the greater the incidence rate.
3. meteorological factors: the cold for chronic bronchitis an important incentive to attack. Lot of elderly patients with chronic bronchitis incidence in the winter, mainly because the cold can stimulate the cilia movement weakened tracheal spasm, capillary contraction, affecting blood circulation to reduce local resistance and vulnerability to infection. In addition, the cold so that mucous gland secretion, inhalation of gas less than the wet, sticky sputum, respiratory poor, but also a predisposing factor in chronic bronchitis.
4. allergy: in particular, chronic asthmatic bronchitis and allergies are closely related morbidity. Such as dust, dust mites, fungi, parasites, pollen allergies and chemical gas would allow the respiratory mucosa edema, hyperemia and the occurrence of bronchospasm cough and wheezing.
5. decreased immune function: the disease of the elderly over the age of 50 the high incidence of respiratory tract and the elderly in this local immune defense and the relationship must have. Elderly sex hormones adrenocorticotropic hormone secretion and reduced respiratory mucosal atrophy, reduced reserve capacity of lung tissue, lung tissue decreased flexibility. These are easily lead to chronic bronchitis and recurrent reasons.

Throat cancer treatment

Throat cancer treatment

Throat cancer - Symptoms

A, a sore throat - in true laryngeal vocal cords happen most often affect the pronunciation, the end of violations of hypopharyngeal throat situation when they have a sore throat.

B, abnormal sense of throat - especially unilateral hypopharyngeal often abnormal sense of throat.

E, swallowing difficult - Hypopharyngeal Cancer hinder continued up through the food.

F, dyspnea - throat tumor is too large because of airway obstruction.

G, cervical lymph nodes - lymph node metastasis at the time happened.

H, the other - such as Momin's weight loss, loss of appetite.

Throat cancer - treatment

The most important thing is early diagnosis of early treatment, larynx first and second phases of an acceptable local radiation therapy or laser excision, can be natural hair after the third, four would accept a greater range of surgery or total laryngectomy, The latter need to speak by artificial audible signal device. five-year survival rate from the first to Phase IV, respectively, 75%, 60%, 48%, 40% or so.

Pharyngeal cancer was not obvious because of the early symptoms so easy for the early detection of delays and late violations of the throat can only be removed when the larynx, lymphatic Furthermore Department therefore rich, easy to have the neck or distant metastasis, poor prognosis of laryngeal cancer than the five-year survival rate of about 15-30%.

Throat cancer is nasopharyngeal carcinoma, oropharyngeal cancer, larynx general term. Hypopharyngeal hypopharynx is also called, hypopharyngeal piriform many nest in hair, followed by the posterior wall of the hypopharynx. Radiotherapy treatment, surgery alone. Add operation radiotherapy. chemotherapy and immune therapy. radiotherapy of head and neck will affect the function of salivary glands to reduce the salivary gland secretion. when combined with radiotherapy have a swelling of the tissue reaction. will happen dysphagia, dry mouth symptoms. usually continue to increase after treatment with some symptomatic drugs can be partially alleviated.

Throat cancer symptoms

Hoarseness are the most of early laryngeal cancer is the most common signal. The majority of laryngeal cancer cases originating in the vocal cords, that is a very small tumor of the vocal cords will also abnormal vocal cord vibration and cause hoarseness. If it is found in patients with unexplained hoarseness, symptoms continued for more than three weeks and no signs of getting better, should go to hospital for medical treatment and timely manner has to do a careful ear, nose and throat expert throat endoscopy. Patients and health practitioners can not treat the matter lightly because of the disease was not obvious and delay diagnosis and treatment.

Ear pain: When developed to a certain degree of laryngeal and pharyngeal ulcers and severe stomach inflammation produced may cause nerve pain reflex. Early Cancer of the vocal cords would not normally have a pain reflex. Pain reflex occurred mainly at advanced supraglottic tumor patients. The most common symptoms manifested in the ipsilateral inner ear pain.

Have foreign body sensation in the throat or swallowing pain: These symptoms are supraglottic cancer early symptoms, but the origin of the tumor on the vocal cords to the mid-and late once the development will also have a foreign body sensation in the throat or swallowing pain. This type of symptoms often start at the disease are not obvious, so patients and doctors are more likely to be ignored.

Sputum with blood: because of substantial non-normal with tumor neovascularization, the patient usually will find that after coughing mucus or sputum in a bloodshot. Such symptoms were seen mainly in supraglottic, subglottic type of advanced tumor patients and patients with vocal cord tumor, early vocal cord hemorrhage Cancer does not produce a general phenomenon.

Dyspnea: When the tumor at primary site and a serious deterioration in the size of the increase will directly affect the respiratory airway obstruction or secretions from the trachea and thus lead to poor dyspnea. This generally only imagine will happen in advanced laryngeal.

These are the more common symptoms of throat cancer. It should be noted that not all such symptoms are caused by the larynx. Some benign lesions, such as vocal cord polyps, laryngitis, laryngeal papilloma and other diseases also have similar symptoms. But in any case, once the site of throat discomfort, doctors and patients of these diseases should not be taken lightly.

Skin cancer treatment

Incidence of skin cancer is one of the highest rates of cancer, the current poor overall efficacy, but also give patients the course of treatment often cause great suffering and economic burden, I brought in a current treatment of skin cancer, new technologies -- - photodynamic therapy, has successfully treated many patients with skin cancer, the introduction of this new technology, for skin cancer patients is undoubtedly the Gospel of life.
5 - Aminolevulinic acid photodynamic therapy, or photodynamic therapy Ira (ALA-PDT), is a combined application of 5 - Aminolevulinic acid and the corresponding light source, photodynamic reaction through selective destruction of new lesions technology. Its main mechanism is based on light, photosensitizer and oxygen based on the interaction of a new disease treatment. Can also be said that non-surgical treatment of knife. Treatment process is very simple. Damage to the skin cancer called coated layer 5 - Aminolevulinic Acid of the photosensitizer, a few hours later with a specific red light irradiation for 20 minutes, the patient can go home. After a few general treatment, tumor lesions will be cleared off their own, the wound is superficial, generally will not form a scar.
In addition to skin cancer, the photodynamic therapy can also be used in the treatment of condyloma acuminatum, verruca vulgaris and acne vulgaris and other skin disorders.

Skin cancer

Skin cancer is very rare. In China, the UN body skin cancer malignant eleventh place. It is precisely because people paid little attention to it, even though skin cancer at a good growth on exposed skin, at present, the early diagnosis of skin cancer rate is still low. The elderly may be some pre-cancerous skin's performance to one of senile keratosis tumor, mostly white spot disease, and some chronic skin diseases, such as burns or post-traumatic keloid, chronic skin Yan, older skin warts, chronic fistula or sinus, radiation ulcer, etc., if after formal treatment, these lesions instead of increasing, or rupture, hardening, thickening, coloring deepened hyperkeratosis and even bleeding, which should guard against skin cancer may have. In short, if the skin on the elderly, there has been painless nodules, hard texture, edge swell to go to the specialist hospital for examination, to exclude possible skin cancer.

Treatment and prevention of gallstones

Treatment and prevention of gallstones

Treatment and prevention of gallstones may, by drugs (dissolved stones), surgery (stones removed) or diet therapy (control of the formation of gallstones) and the latest ultrasound shock method to remove stones.

Basically, the absence of symptoms does not cause illness in most health should be no need to consider surgical treatment, if complications occur or when in serious condition. Gallbladder should be removed in order to avoid life-threatening.

People eat more and better, making gallstones can be easily ridden without consciously. People should pay attention to normal diet, limiting animal fat intake and maintain body weight. More important is to do regular health checks. Gallbladder X-ray diagnosis of gallstones are the most useful method, the current abdominal ultrasound are the most commonly used methods and painless, using sound wave echoes to determine whether reflex stones in order to achieve the purpose of early treatment.

Because of gallstones and is closely related to physical fitness and diet, if you consciously are suffering from high-risk groups or westernized diet enthusiasts. Once the symptoms have to be vigilant. Cholelithiasis daily Daoqin corresponding patterns for the daily life of the self-review is a healthy first step.

Please note the following living norms:

1. To maintain ideal body weight.
2. To maintain the habit of exercise.
3. Attention to diet, health and safety, regular quantitative.
4. The absolute prohibition of overeating.
5. In order to avoid prolonged sitting work.
6. To avoid too much fatigue.
7.束紧thoracoabdominal not wearing the tights material.
8. If constipation symptoms, have to active treatment.

Cholelithiasis diet therapy

1. Uptake of many high-fiber foods, such as vegetables, fruits, grains completely.
2. Limiting cholesterol intake. Definitely do not eat offal, egg yolk, such as cholesterol-rich food.
3. Many vitamin K, such as: spinach, broccoli and others have rich content.
4. Fasting easy to produce gas in food, such as: potato, sweet potato, beans, onion, radish, soft drinks, as well as acidic fruit juices, coffee, cocoa and so on.
5. Is limited to drinking skimmed milk.
6. Eat more rich in vitamin A, yellow-green vegetables.
7. Cooking food using less frying, deep-frying, many mining cook, stew, steamed manner.
8. Fasting fat content of many of the broth and mayonnaise.
9. Tastes light as far as possible, there should be moderation seasonings.
10. Avoid eating processed foods and high sugar food.

Australia's lecithin capsules are made of natural animal and plant health care products, not only to break down the absorption of cholesterol, liquefied bile cholesterol, prevent and dissolve gallstones but also for the clearance of vascular, liver protection, diabetes, Alzheimer's, beauty care, etc. have good health care role.

Surgical treatment of gastric cancer

Surgical treatment of gastric cancer

So far the treatment of gastric cancer, the effect is still not satisfied. This regard because of gastric cancer is unclear reasons, should not be in its prior to the onset of prevention; on the other hand, the time of diagnosis in most cases are already in advanced patients, efficacy of the natural poor. Therefore improve the early diagnosis of gastric cancer is still the key to treatment.

First, surgical treatment

Currently the main method of treatment of gastric cancer and is also the only possible cure for a means of advanced gastric cancer. Therefore, surgical treatment of gastric cancer should take a positive attitude, as long as the general condition of patients without specific允可distant metastasis and should be implemented laparotomy.

(1) Choose a variety of operations

1. Radical excision

Also known as curative resection. The upcoming primary gastric lesions, together with some of these bodies and their corresponding regional lymph nodes be removed, any residual non-clinical cancer tissues. Also because of the scope of regional lymph node dissection are different, while divided into four different radical mastectomy: the first leg is not totally removed lymph nodes, said R. Operation: The first stop for the R1 to remove lymph node surgery, to remove all the same the second leg or the third leg of the lymphatic, called R2, or R3 operation, but also the extent of lymph node metastasis in accordance with the scope of the relationship between lymph node dissection, the distinction between absolute and relative radical for two kinds of radical, absolutely radical lymphadenectomy refers to the first stop beyond the metastatic lymph nodes above the first leg such as lymph node metastasis, the purposes of R2 or R3 radical, namely, that the absolute cure. Such as R1 only surgery, although no clinical residual metastatic lymph nodes, but only think is relatively radical.

General radical gastrectomy scope should include the original lesions, including proximal or distal stomach of the 2 / 3 ~ 3 / 4, all the size of the retina, hepatogastric and gastrocolic ligament and mesenteric leaf node, the first part of duodenum and stomach regional lymph node. Sometimes, in order to clear the body of stomach cardia cancer next door spleen, lymph nodes around the splenic artery, have to line the entire stomach and pancreatic body, tail and spleen together with the expansion of radical resection. Cancer involving the transverse colon or left lobe of liver and other adjacent organs, it can be used together with the involvement of radical organ resection United.

skin diseases care

Skin symptoms: are diverse in nature with the skin, the severity of the disease and the patients on the individual holding the opposite sex. There are itching, pain, burning, numbness feeling. Other There are irritation, foreign body sensation of temperature and exposure to foreign bodies, such as susceptibility to increase or decrease.
Person is an organic whole, the internal organs and external body surface, limbs, facial features are unified, and the whole body with the external environment is uniform, and closely related.
The human body to internal organs as the center, through the meridians to communicate both inside and outside, contact skin, veins, flesh, tendons, bones, the body in case of disease, local changes can affect the whole body, systemic diseases can also be reflected in a partial. Outside the sick, can be imported inside, the visceral reaction of ill will out. Mental stimulation can affect the function of organs, organs sick, can also be caused by abnormal mental activities.
Skin is the body of one of the vital organs, and its physiological functions are closely related with the blood, if blood or viscera run dysfunctional disorders can cause a variety of skin diseases.
The main symptoms of skin disease are severe, go to the hospital disease diagnosis, doctors prescribe to patients in addition to injections, take medicine, most doctors will be matched more foreign drugs to patients, to patients through the drug to alleviate. This skin treatment often sick themselves, so if patients do not know the proper use of foreign agents, not only the treatment of skin diseases is not easy, and sometimes in doing so they will skin deterioration. Commonly used in skin outside the administration are as follows:
Lotion: the so-called wash agent is a mixture of water and flour agents, usually at the upper water, dust precipitation at the bottom. Skin lotion are commonly used in calamine lotion, sulfur lotion, etc.. When used should be noted that the first shake even after coating with a brush or cotton, and its pharmacological effects besides lotion by the addition of anti-inflammatory, bactericidal, anti-itching drug role, mainly through the wash after topical agent, evaporation of water, reducing the skin temperature, to achieve the therapeutic effects of skin disease. Therefore the number of coated with lotion every day to be ten times more, so that local temperature is lower. At the site of hair, and hair may be because they stick together, so should not be applied.

Natural teeth whitening

As we have everyone's hair and skin color, like different people have different tooth color. Some teeth are more yellow than others, and some will grow slowly with the age of yellow hair. Fineness of natural teeth you may also be affected by many factors. Tooth surface and internal color stains may be caused by the following factors:

Natural aging process

The use of tobacco (smoking or chewing tobacco), a cup of coffee, tea, cola or red wine, and eating colored foods, such as cherries and blueberries. The accumulation of dental plaque and tartar deposition

Dental plaque and tartar deposition

At the beginning of forming the teeth when swallowing too much fluoride in the next (sub-parts per million of fluoride in the water more than two points), which makes teeth appear to some "mottle"

Childhood tooth has been damaged, have been carried out with antibiotics tetracycline treatment.

Dental injury may be cause brown teeth changed, or is shaded black.

For whitening your teeth find a lot of reasons, including the following few:

In order to give you a beautiful smile, raise your confidence and self-esteem

Look younger

A special moment, such as weddings, job interviews, or gathering of classmates

In order to give other people a good first impression

Just want to reverse years of stains and the accumulation of yellow

At the beginning before any teeth whitening procedure, be sure to your dentist to consult. Only he or she can be evaluated, whether you are for a specific treatment for suitable candidates.

I need to carry out tooth whitening do?

Almost any person, as long as the permanent teeth have grown out, it may carry out tooth whitening conditional. Your dentist will assess your oral health, and do you suggest the most suitable method of whitening your teeth. Depends on your teeth stains on the type and severity of the dental treatment plan will recommend the following one or more of:

Professional cleaning, to remove from food and tobacco stains caused by external

In addition to going to the dentist, the peacetime use of whitening toothpaste to help to remove surface stains

In order to achieve excellent results, easy-to-use, inexpensive teeth whitening whitening gel or patch

For more stubborn stains or hair yellow, applying bleaching method (have the dental clinic or at home)

Noodles with inserts or adhesives to repair damage or irregular teeth, or to achieve specific effects

Advisory Dental Doctor, what whitening method is best for you

Yellow teeth with bleach is best. Changed or shaded brown teeth, or by tetracycline or excessive fluoride-induced stripe-like or mottled teeth, bleaching method may be used, not very uniform bleaching.

Suffering from periodontal disease or tooth hypersensitivity, especially in patients with teeth, perhaps should be avoided delicate gum may stimulate the chemical whitening techniques.

If your front teeth, and the natural tooth color have the same fillings, artificial crowns, braces or adhesives, it is recommended not to use the bleach method. Bleaching will not change the color of these substances so that they laughed at you just exposed between the teeth whitening have become very prominent. Maybe you will discuss with the dentist, want to know some other options, such as noodle or adhesive inlay. Certain times, if related to serious dental or jaw problems, recommend the use of artificial crowns or braces, to correct abnormal tooth problem, but also can have more white, more attractive smile.

Teeth whitening work?

There are many teeth whitening methods, from low-cost, you can clear a lot of surface stain whitening toothpaste and other products to the dental clinic where light-activated whitening technology, its cost of one thousand dollars, can bring significant results.

All whitening whitening technology principle for the following two in one:

1. Bleaching procedures change your natural teeth colority, usually from the whitening effect into five color brightness changes. Dental clinic (clinic chair side) and home whitening methods (occasional dish) whitening methods are dependent on the bleaching. Bleaching agent that contains an active ingredient, is usually too acid carbon diamine or hydrogen peroxide, a concentration of 10% to 22%, can help clear the teeth of deep and surface stains. Different bleaching procedures have very different requirements:

Dental clinic at the light-activated whitening procedures, sometimes referred to as chair side bleaching clinics at a cost of 500 U.S. dollars or more, the whitening can immediately see the results of the chroma of teeth is usually dramatic changes will happen than the previous white a lot of. However, in about a year after normal drinking (coffee, tea, soft drinks), again a slight discoloration of teeth, the formation of a new stain. You need treatment chair side bleaching method, 500 U.S. dollars to spend re-tooth whitening.