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Most changes in urine odor are temporary and do not indicate serious disease. if you drink enough water, urine usually does not have a strong sense of smell. Some food and medicines, For example, asparagus or vitamins, which may affect your urine odor.

Common causes of urine odor
liver disease
Urinary tract infection

Strong ammonia smell means there is dehydration
Sweet smelling urine might be caused by the uncontrolled diabetes.
Musty smelling urine might be caused by the liver disease
Bacterial invasion causes urine to smell foul. This is more common in urinary tract infections.
Smelly urine is also seen in individuals with renal stones and cystitis.
Urine odor usually is not dangerous, If the problem is fearful by any other symptoms, Advise you to see your doctor for a urinalysis.

Urine odor Related Information

Symptoms of Liver Disease:
While the causes of liver disease may vary, Symptoms are generally similar regardless of the cause of the disease.
yellowing of eyes and skin
dark urine
Another important symptom is light colored stool.
Polyuria or excess urination
feeling weak and less energetic
unexplained weight loss or weight gain