Lung health

Respiratory function to strengthen the lungs, oxygen can improve the body, improve immunity. "Breathing meditation" is a good exercise lung health.

Breathing meditation concrete steps are as follows: to be on his hands flat on the knees, waist upright, light eyes closed. First from the nasal breathing slowly, so that the lower lung full of air, gently at the same time to summon the lower abdomen, and there is a conscious idea of inhalation and the air has reached the next accumulation of the abdomen (that is, a sense of gas). In the inspiratory process, because of thoracic lift up, move down the diaphragm, chest inflated, so that gas is up to the upper part of the lung, and on the brink of expansion to the most. This process takes about 5,6 seconds.

To maintain a sense of air and then 5 seconds (through practice to achieve 10 seconds or 10 seconds or more), so that the lungs have time to absorb all the oxygen.

Then slowly exhaled, ribs and chest and gradually return to its original location. At the beginning of the course of the next inspiratory time being until the 23 seconds pause, and then re-breathing. Repeated 10 times such a motion can be. As long as the exercises every day, and gradually develop the habit on a regular basis, to enhance respiratory function in the lungs.

"Breathing meditation" are from my country of ancient medicine, guided meditation and health, such as extracted from the reactive power. Through posture adjustment, breathing exercises, physical and mental relaxation, attention and imagination of concentration, the effect of health care received. This is because in the process of deep breathing, exercise the lungs. Chinese medicine has long told us, "all gas all belong to the lung, the lung is the origin of gas." At the same time, breathing meditation can improve heart function of the gastrointestinal tract is also a very good massage.