About urine information

Human body are all kinds of urine from the kidney excretion of metabolic waste out, and its composition can affect urine color and transparency. Turbid urine can be caused by disease, or it may be a physiological phenomenon, be careful to observe changes in the process of urine be judged.

(1) early discharge clarified, placed after the turbidity: normal urine is to clarify when in the fresh transparent, color light yellow or colorless. However, when the urine does not put a period after a long time, urine and various salts (for example, urate, phosphate, carbonate, etc.) will be out by crystallization, so that the next part of urine was turbid and white. This is a physiological phenomenon rather than pathological.

Another case, the early discharge of urine to clarify that a little stay, found in urine at the end there are some small blackish-brown sand, it was vividly called the roe (eggs)-like small grains of sand, which is a uric acid crystals, often are a large number of patients suffering from gout uric acid in the urine discharged from the crystallization of precipitation.

(2) from turbidity

① chyluria: First discharge of urine such as milky white as milk, and sometimes there are small clots gel, which was particularly prevalent in the lymphatic system diseases.

② pyuria: When urine mixed with a large number of leukocytes and inflammatory debris organizations, the entire urine was turbid white pollution. This is mostly caused by bacterial infection, often accompanied by frequent urination has more obvious, symptoms such as urgency.

(3) voiding clarify, the last few drops of urine for turbidity: this phenomenon only in the male voiding bladder muscle contraction, particularly in the end of urination, easy to "affect" or squeeze into the prostate and seminal vesicle, prostate fluid secretion and thus sperm has also been squeezed out a little bit, a few drops of urine after the liquid is turbid urine, prostatic fluid and semen mixture. This phenomenon, most are physical in nature, especially after the excitement in the male-prone. But there are also a small part is due to the prostate or seminal vesicle has inflammation, more easily contracted bladder and bowel, discharge a small amount of secretions, which are sick, need to be further confirmed.