Eye protection

Video terminal syndrome, refers to as a result of long-term computer or computer monitor screen to reduce eye movement blink, tears well should not uniformly distributed in the ocular surface, resulting in dry eye, eye Shibuya, fatigue, chronic conjunctivitis and other eye symptoms, These symptoms may also be a dry eye.
With an Eye to eye a long time the harm is great, for example, many people say the time to visit, I thought I watch TV a long time the eyes will be special Shibuya, in particular, do sometimes have a headache, eye pain condition, things look very fuzzy, prolonged use of computers, playing electronic games or watching TV will be after the regular eye fatigue, dryness, itching, burning sensation, photophobia and other problems, so that the Office of Family impossible.
Visual environment as a result of changes due to long time watching TV, watch the computer caused by "video terminal syndrome" has become more and more young people the main reason for decline in vision. Ophthalmologists in the clinical treatment has found that as a result of visual changes in the environment, "video terminal syndrome" will substantially increase the occurrence.
As the computer screen by a small fluorescent dots, the eyes have to constantly adjust the focal length in order to ensure a clear visual objects, time is too long, eye muscle fatigue would be too. At the same time, watching the screen, the blinking number will be reduced 10%, a decrease of tear output; and prolonged eye exposure to the air, so that excessive water evaporation, resulting in dry eye discomfort, even serious injury in the cornea. Air-conditioned office environment, frequent use of lead water to accelerate the tears were drying.
Prevention of computer terminals syndrome, first of all need to note the following:
Maintain the computer screen with the eye distance of 50 ~ 60 cm; equipped with the exclusive use of the computer chair, adjust the seat height and backrest good angle; screen located at the geometric center, as the plane following the best, but in 15-degree angle or less; the most important point is a the duration of the use of computers not too long, at intervals of 50 minutes rest for 10 minutes.
Should be particular emphasis on the importance of regular breaks, this is to prevent eyestrain the most effective way, preferably at intervals of one hour or so stand up and walk to the window while Yuanwang. Not only for the eyes, good health is also a great benefit. Can also make some eye drops to maintain lubrication of the eye drops. For driving, reading and other visual fatigue caused by eye irritation, can also be used from time to time to rest approach to regulation.