Fill a tooth

If suffering from dental caries should be repaired as early as possible, because after cavities can be repaired to prevent the development of caries lesions, as soon as possible to restore the function of teeth, and maintain the integrity of the dentition.

Without timely treatment, lesions will be more and more, from shallow to deep caries caries development, such as sweet and sour to hot and cold food to stimulate the sensitive; when the damage reached the pulp, causing pulpitis, at this time will be very severe toothache ; When the lesion further development, can cause periapical inflammation and periapical abscess, osteomyelitis and even jaw, missing teeth. Carious or missing teeth can affect chewing and increase gastrointestinal burden, thereby affecting their health. Moreover, dental caries, there are a lot of bacteria and pus, as one potential lesions, when the body resistance to decline, it can cause sepsis or bacteremia. The fillings can be terminated so that the occurrence of these diseases and development, so as soon as possible should be suffering from dental caries.

In addition, because clinical manifestations of dental caries, caries form is divided into primary and secondary caries. And acute dental caries is a primary caries, it changes faster progress. In children or young people, the tooth tissue lesions color light, soft and moist texture, pulp tissue as a result of lesions quickly and with little or no formation of reparative dentin, so vulnerable to infection and disease occurred in the pulp. At the same time, children suffer from dental caries chewing food hinder, inhibit the digestion and absorption of nutrients, due to a decline in chewing ability, which stimulate jaw growth and development of the role of decline. In the face and neck radiotherapy patients and suffering from homes Green's syndrome patients and due to other causes patients to reduce saliva secretion, and its rapid caries development, and often involved the majority of teeth, known as the fierce onset of caries. For those suffering from acute dental caries and caries-meng-onset patients, but dental treatment as soon as possible in order to prevent the rapid development of caries.

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Why should not fill a tooth and sometimes a complete people asked the doctors to fill a tooth, they hope to fill a good time. Shallow caries, in caries and some patients with deep caries, carious organizations to do, no subjective symptoms, it is can be implemented immediately filling law. However, patients with deep caries, in the past have subjective symptoms, when to do carious Organization, with or without spontaneous pain delayed filling method should be implemented, in which case fill a tooth can not be completed once.