diabetes mellitus

Diabetes (diabetes mellitus) are a group of chronic blood glucose (referred to as blood sugar) levels increased metabolic diseases characterized by groups. Main features are high blood sugar, diabetes, polyuria, polydipsia, many food, weight loss, fatigue.
Diabetes is an ancient disease. 400 BC, China's earliest medical book "Yellow Emperor's Canon. Suwen" and "Lingshu" on the records of "Xiaoke card" "Xiaoke disease" of the disease. Han Zhang Zhongjing famous "Golden" Part of the Xiaoke "Sanduo" symptoms have been documented. The early years of the Tang Dynasty, the famous physician Zhen of China's first statement that the urine of patients with diabetes are sweet in the summer and fall, the urine of diabetic patients with strokes sometimes flies.
The world's first to recognize and treat diabetes doctors are famous Chinese Tang Dynasty, Wang Tao. Wang Tao According to his father, suffering from severe thirst, drink volume increased, many people Furuncle sores, urine fruit flavor, and Zhen Yan "old article inspection" one book, So he told his father to try to urinate, which turns out to be sweet. Therefore developed for the treatment of Diabetes program, supplemented by adjust diet, so his father, the disease brought under control. These experiences put him into the the "Waitai Miyao," one book.
"Waitai Miyao" than the 10th century Arab doctor Avicenna's "Medical Code" in about the diagnosis and treatment of diabetes more than 200 years early. AD 600 years after the British doctor Thomas William referred to the patient's urine before, "such as sugar may taste its honey." According to textual research, diabetes for the emperors in ancient nobility of the disease, occur in many obese, many among the rich food.
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Diabetes is one of the most common chronic diseases. As people's living standards improve, the aging of the population, as well as an increase in the incidence of obesity, diabetes and the incidence of positive year-on-year rise. Diabetes incidence rate in China reached 2 percent, according to statistics, China has been diagnosed with diabetes up to 40 million and an annual rate of 1,000,000.
Diabetes is the interaction of genetic and environmental factors and diseases caused by clinically to high blood sugar as the main symbol of how common symptoms of drinking, polyuria, weight loss, etc., as well as many food. Diabetes if the lack of effective treatment, can cause physical damage to many systems. Caused by absolute or relative insulin secretion as well as the lack of target tissue cells to insulin sensitivity decreased, caused by protein, fat, water and electrolytes, such as a series of metabolic disorder syndrome, one of a high blood sugar as the main indicator. Typical clinical cases may be polyuria, polydipsia, many food, weight loss, such as performance, that is, "one little more than three" symptoms.