Dental care

DIY effects if not ideal, you can turn to professionals, to professional dental clinic or hospital to allow doctors to help you "brush" - This is the ultrasonic scaling. Scaling is a good means of dental care as well as the treatment of periodontal disease the primary measures, through regular scaling, not only on the elimination of dental plaque and calculus, so that to maintain a healthy periodontal tissue.

Prevention and treatment of periodontal disease, scaling was not easy to easy to find small dental noticeable, such as the relatively hidden caries, early detection so as to achieve the purpose of early treatment. Through to the teeth "bath", to the teeth surface and even deep cracks in the teeth of dirt are removed, this was the normal white color of the teeth will be able to resume.

Good oral hygiene habits, and about the need for a thorough cleaning once a year; poor oral hygiene, and six months on the need for scaling; people who have periodontal disease, periodontal disease has not yet under control in the stage, a 3-month wash teeth have helped to control the disease.

Wallet shrinkage: a few hundred dollars

Beautiful degrees:

Misery Index: 1

Have a small number of people in scaling, the teeth sensitive to hot and cold have flabby phenomenon, this is because after the removal of teeth, so that the results of the root exposed. In this case even more to maintain oral hygiene, for example, to switch to warm water when brushing their teeth, usually sensitive to the phenomenon will disappear soon.

Applies to dental status: Has calculus, smoke stains, gingival bleeding, dental, etc. color yellow teeth.

Advantages: not only the maintenance of oral hygiene, teeth can also remove surface dirt, so that the restoration of the natural color of teeth.

Disadvantages: Can not remove the internal teeth of the pigment, not the true meaning of making teeth white.

>> GH reminded:

1. More in-depth scaling often lead to damaged gums bleeding, caused bacteremia, so the oral preoperative disinfection is very important. Ultrasonic scaling is the scaling of the main procedures, using a scaling machine handle, it is very important to disinfect, in the absence of high-temperature disinfection and sterilization, it was entirely possible to pathogens through repeated use of the scaling machine handle the spread from one patient to another a patient, scaling HIV infection is not hearsay "alarmist." Therefore, the scaling must choose formal, large-scale clinics or hospitals.

2. Scaling should be less attention to smoking, cutting non-ferrous beverage, and with the continued whitening whitening toothpaste may be the effect of the extension of white.

Misery index: 1.5. Almost not hurt, but because every day to wear more than one hours time, with a total feeling of teeth on something a bit sad because of the feeling.

Applies to dental status: smoking, drinking coffee, chewing betel nut, etc., causing discolored teeth, black and mild pigment teeth, enamel hypoplasia, as well as age-induced changes in tooth enamel color yellow.

Advantages: easy to operate, simple, more obvious effects.

Disadvantages: on the moderate to severe tetracycline teeth whitening dental fluorosis and other effects in general, for sensitive teeth easily lead to discomfort.