Maintenance of the eye

Evenly apart from nutrition, the multi-eat food containing vitamin is very important. In addition, proteins contain and regulate the function of the eye muscles.
Importantly, try not to stay up all night, if the symptoms of eyestrain can also use tea in place of eyedrops to wash the eyes.
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Refrain from excessive use of eyes, more intake of protein and vitamin rich food
In the excessive use of eyes to read books, television and computer people, more and more people feel eyestrain. Such as eye pain, blurred vision, eyes bloodshot, eye irritation, tears streaming eyes, are symptoms of eyestrain. Sometimes even have headaches, dizziness, shoulder stiffness, nausea and other symptoms.
Usual intake of the eyes should be fully helpful vitamins A, B1, B2, C, and pay attention to nutritional balance. Vitamins for the treatment of dry eye are particularly effective, can be given the necessary nutrition eyes. Containing vitamin A-rich foods has lamprey, liver, cheese, cream, egg yolk, spinach, carrots, parsley and so on.
Regulation, we should reinforce our eye muscles, must be multi-containing amino acid intake (protein) of food, such food also has to make the eyes more beautiful results.
Excessive fatigue and lack of sleep are the reasons causing eyestrain. Eyes and body to rest of course are very important.
Should not eat food
Garlic bad for the eyes, chocolate can cause the eyes bloodshot, should avoid eating