Height and bone

A person's height is determined by the skeleton, bone growth and development well, build it tall; bone growth and development of faults, will lead to growth retardation, short stature is it.

In the skeletal system, the relationship with the person's height is the biggest lower limb long bones and vertebrae, especially in lower extremity long bone is even more important.

Limb long bones mainly by the backbone, such as bones and metaphyseal component parts. Metaphysis between the backbone and has a layer of cartilage, called epiphyseal plates (or cartilage). Epiphyseal cartilage, whose central part of the first ossification, ossification center said. In child growth and development of the whole process, the bone growth continued in the long bones at both ends of the ossification centers and epiphyseal cartilage plate, and thus gradually increase the length of bone, also with the growth in height. By the late youth 17 to 20 years old, and epiphyseal cartilage gradually began to integration, then started to slow down bone growth. Until the epiphyseal cartilage plate and fully integrated together, stop the growth of long bones, and will no longer increase height. This shows that the person's height, bone growth and epiphyseal end of long bone and cartilage is most closely related.

Congenital diseases, severe malnutrition, severe lack of vitamin D, metaphyseal dysplasia and achondroplasia and other bone metabolic disease, may impede the growth of bones and long bone development side would give rise to children's bone growth obstacles, and ultimately emergence of short stature.