Natural teeth whitening

As we have everyone's hair and skin color, like different people have different tooth color. Some teeth are more yellow than others, and some will grow slowly with the age of yellow hair. Fineness of natural teeth you may also be affected by many factors. Tooth surface and internal color stains may be caused by the following factors:

Natural aging process

The use of tobacco (smoking or chewing tobacco), a cup of coffee, tea, cola or red wine, and eating colored foods, such as cherries and blueberries. The accumulation of dental plaque and tartar deposition

Dental plaque and tartar deposition

At the beginning of forming the teeth when swallowing too much fluoride in the next (sub-parts per million of fluoride in the water more than two points), which makes teeth appear to some "mottle"

Childhood tooth has been damaged, have been carried out with antibiotics tetracycline treatment.

Dental injury may be cause brown teeth changed, or is shaded black.

For whitening your teeth find a lot of reasons, including the following few:

In order to give you a beautiful smile, raise your confidence and self-esteem

Look younger

A special moment, such as weddings, job interviews, or gathering of classmates

In order to give other people a good first impression

Just want to reverse years of stains and the accumulation of yellow

At the beginning before any teeth whitening procedure, be sure to your dentist to consult. Only he or she can be evaluated, whether you are for a specific treatment for suitable candidates.

I need to carry out tooth whitening do?

Almost any person, as long as the permanent teeth have grown out, it may carry out tooth whitening conditional. Your dentist will assess your oral health, and do you suggest the most suitable method of whitening your teeth. Depends on your teeth stains on the type and severity of the dental treatment plan will recommend the following one or more of:

Professional cleaning, to remove from food and tobacco stains caused by external

In addition to going to the dentist, the peacetime use of whitening toothpaste to help to remove surface stains

In order to achieve excellent results, easy-to-use, inexpensive teeth whitening whitening gel or patch

For more stubborn stains or hair yellow, applying bleaching method (have the dental clinic or at home)

Noodles with inserts or adhesives to repair damage or irregular teeth, or to achieve specific effects

Advisory Dental Doctor, what whitening method is best for you

Yellow teeth with bleach is best. Changed or shaded brown teeth, or by tetracycline or excessive fluoride-induced stripe-like or mottled teeth, bleaching method may be used, not very uniform bleaching.

Suffering from periodontal disease or tooth hypersensitivity, especially in patients with teeth, perhaps should be avoided delicate gum may stimulate the chemical whitening techniques.

If your front teeth, and the natural tooth color have the same fillings, artificial crowns, braces or adhesives, it is recommended not to use the bleach method. Bleaching will not change the color of these substances so that they laughed at you just exposed between the teeth whitening have become very prominent. Maybe you will discuss with the dentist, want to know some other options, such as noodle or adhesive inlay. Certain times, if related to serious dental or jaw problems, recommend the use of artificial crowns or braces, to correct abnormal tooth problem, but also can have more white, more attractive smile.

Teeth whitening work?

There are many teeth whitening methods, from low-cost, you can clear a lot of surface stain whitening toothpaste and other products to the dental clinic where light-activated whitening technology, its cost of one thousand dollars, can bring significant results.

All whitening whitening technology principle for the following two in one:

1. Bleaching procedures change your natural teeth colority, usually from the whitening effect into five color brightness changes. Dental clinic (clinic chair side) and home whitening methods (occasional dish) whitening methods are dependent on the bleaching. Bleaching agent that contains an active ingredient, is usually too acid carbon diamine or hydrogen peroxide, a concentration of 10% to 22%, can help clear the teeth of deep and surface stains. Different bleaching procedures have very different requirements:

Dental clinic at the light-activated whitening procedures, sometimes referred to as chair side bleaching clinics at a cost of 500 U.S. dollars or more, the whitening can immediately see the results of the chroma of teeth is usually dramatic changes will happen than the previous white a lot of. However, in about a year after normal drinking (coffee, tea, soft drinks), again a slight discoloration of teeth, the formation of a new stain. You need treatment chair side bleaching method, 500 U.S. dollars to spend re-tooth whitening.