Throat cancer treatment

Throat cancer treatment

Throat cancer - Symptoms

A, a sore throat - in true laryngeal vocal cords happen most often affect the pronunciation, the end of violations of hypopharyngeal throat situation when they have a sore throat.

B, abnormal sense of throat - especially unilateral hypopharyngeal often abnormal sense of throat.

E, swallowing difficult - Hypopharyngeal Cancer hinder continued up through the food.

F, dyspnea - throat tumor is too large because of airway obstruction.

G, cervical lymph nodes - lymph node metastasis at the time happened.

H, the other - such as Momin's weight loss, loss of appetite.

Throat cancer - treatment

The most important thing is early diagnosis of early treatment, larynx first and second phases of an acceptable local radiation therapy or laser excision, can be natural hair after the third, four would accept a greater range of surgery or total laryngectomy, The latter need to speak by artificial audible signal device. five-year survival rate from the first to Phase IV, respectively, 75%, 60%, 48%, 40% or so.

Pharyngeal cancer was not obvious because of the early symptoms so easy for the early detection of delays and late violations of the throat can only be removed when the larynx, lymphatic Furthermore Department therefore rich, easy to have the neck or distant metastasis, poor prognosis of laryngeal cancer than the five-year survival rate of about 15-30%.

Throat cancer is nasopharyngeal carcinoma, oropharyngeal cancer, larynx general term. Hypopharyngeal hypopharynx is also called, hypopharyngeal piriform many nest in hair, followed by the posterior wall of the hypopharynx. Radiotherapy treatment, surgery alone. Add operation radiotherapy. chemotherapy and immune therapy. radiotherapy of head and neck will affect the function of salivary glands to reduce the salivary gland secretion. when combined with radiotherapy have a swelling of the tissue reaction. will happen dysphagia, dry mouth symptoms. usually continue to increase after treatment with some symptomatic drugs can be partially alleviated.