skin diseases care

Skin symptoms: are diverse in nature with the skin, the severity of the disease and the patients on the individual holding the opposite sex. There are itching, pain, burning, numbness feeling. Other There are irritation, foreign body sensation of temperature and exposure to foreign bodies, such as susceptibility to increase or decrease.
Person is an organic whole, the internal organs and external body surface, limbs, facial features are unified, and the whole body with the external environment is uniform, and closely related.
The human body to internal organs as the center, through the meridians to communicate both inside and outside, contact skin, veins, flesh, tendons, bones, the body in case of disease, local changes can affect the whole body, systemic diseases can also be reflected in a partial. Outside the sick, can be imported inside, the visceral reaction of ill will out. Mental stimulation can affect the function of organs, organs sick, can also be caused by abnormal mental activities.
Skin is the body of one of the vital organs, and its physiological functions are closely related with the blood, if blood or viscera run dysfunctional disorders can cause a variety of skin diseases.
The main symptoms of skin disease are severe, go to the hospital disease diagnosis, doctors prescribe to patients in addition to injections, take medicine, most doctors will be matched more foreign drugs to patients, to patients through the drug to alleviate. This skin treatment often sick themselves, so if patients do not know the proper use of foreign agents, not only the treatment of skin diseases is not easy, and sometimes in doing so they will skin deterioration. Commonly used in skin outside the administration are as follows:
Lotion: the so-called wash agent is a mixture of water and flour agents, usually at the upper water, dust precipitation at the bottom. Skin lotion are commonly used in calamine lotion, sulfur lotion, etc.. When used should be noted that the first shake even after coating with a brush or cotton, and its pharmacological effects besides lotion by the addition of anti-inflammatory, bactericidal, anti-itching drug role, mainly through the wash after topical agent, evaporation of water, reducing the skin temperature, to achieve the therapeutic effects of skin disease. Therefore the number of coated with lotion every day to be ten times more, so that local temperature is lower. At the site of hair, and hair may be because they stick together, so should not be applied.