Throat cancer symptoms

Hoarseness are the most of early laryngeal cancer is the most common signal. The majority of laryngeal cancer cases originating in the vocal cords, that is a very small tumor of the vocal cords will also abnormal vocal cord vibration and cause hoarseness. If it is found in patients with unexplained hoarseness, symptoms continued for more than three weeks and no signs of getting better, should go to hospital for medical treatment and timely manner has to do a careful ear, nose and throat expert throat endoscopy. Patients and health practitioners can not treat the matter lightly because of the disease was not obvious and delay diagnosis and treatment.

Ear pain: When developed to a certain degree of laryngeal and pharyngeal ulcers and severe stomach inflammation produced may cause nerve pain reflex. Early Cancer of the vocal cords would not normally have a pain reflex. Pain reflex occurred mainly at advanced supraglottic tumor patients. The most common symptoms manifested in the ipsilateral inner ear pain.

Have foreign body sensation in the throat or swallowing pain: These symptoms are supraglottic cancer early symptoms, but the origin of the tumor on the vocal cords to the mid-and late once the development will also have a foreign body sensation in the throat or swallowing pain. This type of symptoms often start at the disease are not obvious, so patients and doctors are more likely to be ignored.

Sputum with blood: because of substantial non-normal with tumor neovascularization, the patient usually will find that after coughing mucus or sputum in a bloodshot. Such symptoms were seen mainly in supraglottic, subglottic type of advanced tumor patients and patients with vocal cord tumor, early vocal cord hemorrhage Cancer does not produce a general phenomenon.

Dyspnea: When the tumor at primary site and a serious deterioration in the size of the increase will directly affect the respiratory airway obstruction or secretions from the trachea and thus lead to poor dyspnea. This generally only imagine will happen in advanced laryngeal.

These are the more common symptoms of throat cancer. It should be noted that not all such symptoms are caused by the larynx. Some benign lesions, such as vocal cord polyps, laryngitis, laryngeal papilloma and other diseases also have similar symptoms. But in any case, once the site of throat discomfort, doctors and patients of these diseases should not be taken lightly.