Skin cancer treatment

Incidence of skin cancer is one of the highest rates of cancer, the current poor overall efficacy, but also give patients the course of treatment often cause great suffering and economic burden, I brought in a current treatment of skin cancer, new technologies -- - photodynamic therapy, has successfully treated many patients with skin cancer, the introduction of this new technology, for skin cancer patients is undoubtedly the Gospel of life.
5 - Aminolevulinic acid photodynamic therapy, or photodynamic therapy Ira (ALA-PDT), is a combined application of 5 - Aminolevulinic acid and the corresponding light source, photodynamic reaction through selective destruction of new lesions technology. Its main mechanism is based on light, photosensitizer and oxygen based on the interaction of a new disease treatment. Can also be said that non-surgical treatment of knife. Treatment process is very simple. Damage to the skin cancer called coated layer 5 - Aminolevulinic Acid of the photosensitizer, a few hours later with a specific red light irradiation for 20 minutes, the patient can go home. After a few general treatment, tumor lesions will be cleared off their own, the wound is superficial, generally will not form a scar.
In addition to skin cancer, the photodynamic therapy can also be used in the treatment of condyloma acuminatum, verruca vulgaris and acne vulgaris and other skin disorders.