Skin cancer

Skin cancer is very rare. In China, the UN body skin cancer malignant eleventh place. It is precisely because people paid little attention to it, even though skin cancer at a good growth on exposed skin, at present, the early diagnosis of skin cancer rate is still low. The elderly may be some pre-cancerous skin's performance to one of senile keratosis tumor, mostly white spot disease, and some chronic skin diseases, such as burns or post-traumatic keloid, chronic skin Yan, older skin warts, chronic fistula or sinus, radiation ulcer, etc., if after formal treatment, these lesions instead of increasing, or rupture, hardening, thickening, coloring deepened hyperkeratosis and even bleeding, which should guard against skin cancer may have. In short, if the skin on the elderly, there has been painless nodules, hard texture, edge swell to go to the specialist hospital for examination, to exclude possible skin cancer.