Surgical treatment of gastric cancer

Surgical treatment of gastric cancer

So far the treatment of gastric cancer, the effect is still not satisfied. This regard because of gastric cancer is unclear reasons, should not be in its prior to the onset of prevention; on the other hand, the time of diagnosis in most cases are already in advanced patients, efficacy of the natural poor. Therefore improve the early diagnosis of gastric cancer is still the key to treatment.

First, surgical treatment

Currently the main method of treatment of gastric cancer and is also the only possible cure for a means of advanced gastric cancer. Therefore, surgical treatment of gastric cancer should take a positive attitude, as long as the general condition of patients without specific允可distant metastasis and should be implemented laparotomy.

(1) Choose a variety of operations

1. Radical excision

Also known as curative resection. The upcoming primary gastric lesions, together with some of these bodies and their corresponding regional lymph nodes be removed, any residual non-clinical cancer tissues. Also because of the scope of regional lymph node dissection are different, while divided into four different radical mastectomy: the first leg is not totally removed lymph nodes, said R. Operation: The first stop for the R1 to remove lymph node surgery, to remove all the same the second leg or the third leg of the lymphatic, called R2, or R3 operation, but also the extent of lymph node metastasis in accordance with the scope of the relationship between lymph node dissection, the distinction between absolute and relative radical for two kinds of radical, absolutely radical lymphadenectomy refers to the first stop beyond the metastatic lymph nodes above the first leg such as lymph node metastasis, the purposes of R2 or R3 radical, namely, that the absolute cure. Such as R1 only surgery, although no clinical residual metastatic lymph nodes, but only think is relatively radical.

General radical gastrectomy scope should include the original lesions, including proximal or distal stomach of the 2 / 3 ~ 3 / 4, all the size of the retina, hepatogastric and gastrocolic ligament and mesenteric leaf node, the first part of duodenum and stomach regional lymph node. Sometimes, in order to clear the body of stomach cardia cancer next door spleen, lymph nodes around the splenic artery, have to line the entire stomach and pancreatic body, tail and spleen together with the expansion of radical resection. Cancer involving the transverse colon or left lobe of liver and other adjacent organs, it can be used together with the involvement of radical organ resection United.