Treatment and prevention of gallstones

Treatment and prevention of gallstones

Treatment and prevention of gallstones may, by drugs (dissolved stones), surgery (stones removed) or diet therapy (control of the formation of gallstones) and the latest ultrasound shock method to remove stones.

Basically, the absence of symptoms does not cause illness in most health should be no need to consider surgical treatment, if complications occur or when in serious condition. Gallbladder should be removed in order to avoid life-threatening.

People eat more and better, making gallstones can be easily ridden without consciously. People should pay attention to normal diet, limiting animal fat intake and maintain body weight. More important is to do regular health checks. Gallbladder X-ray diagnosis of gallstones are the most useful method, the current abdominal ultrasound are the most commonly used methods and painless, using sound wave echoes to determine whether reflex stones in order to achieve the purpose of early treatment.

Because of gallstones and is closely related to physical fitness and diet, if you consciously are suffering from high-risk groups or westernized diet enthusiasts. Once the symptoms have to be vigilant. Cholelithiasis daily Daoqin corresponding patterns for the daily life of the self-review is a healthy first step.

Please note the following living norms:

1. To maintain ideal body weight.
2. To maintain the habit of exercise.
3. Attention to diet, health and safety, regular quantitative.
4. The absolute prohibition of overeating.
5. In order to avoid prolonged sitting work.
6. To avoid too much fatigue.
7.束紧thoracoabdominal not wearing the tights material.
8. If constipation symptoms, have to active treatment.

Cholelithiasis diet therapy

1. Uptake of many high-fiber foods, such as vegetables, fruits, grains completely.
2. Limiting cholesterol intake. Definitely do not eat offal, egg yolk, such as cholesterol-rich food.
3. Many vitamin K, such as: spinach, broccoli and others have rich content.
4. Fasting easy to produce gas in food, such as: potato, sweet potato, beans, onion, radish, soft drinks, as well as acidic fruit juices, coffee, cocoa and so on.
5. Is limited to drinking skimmed milk.
6. Eat more rich in vitamin A, yellow-green vegetables.
7. Cooking food using less frying, deep-frying, many mining cook, stew, steamed manner.
8. Fasting fat content of many of the broth and mayonnaise.
9. Tastes light as far as possible, there should be moderation seasonings.
10. Avoid eating processed foods and high sugar food.

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