basic structure of the heart

The heart is located in the chest cavity, above the diaphragm, the second between the lung, about two-thirds of the left in the middle lane. If a reversal of the heart, and before and after the cone a little flat. Apical blunt yen, towards the bottom left, and the chest wall adjacent to, and its surface projection in the left chest wall fifth medial clavicular midline 1-2cm Department, so here we can see or touch the apex beat. Wide bottom of my heart, there are large blood vessels resulting from North Korea right after the top, with the esophagus and other organs after mediastinal adjacent.

The heart of the surface near the bottom of my heart Department, there are cross-bit almost a week around the heart, just in front of aorta and pulmonary artery was the beginning of the Department of the interruption. Groove above the left and right atrium, ditch Following the left and right ventricle. In front of and after the ventricle (lower) have a vertical surface of the shallow, extended by the apex slightly to the right, respectively, before and after the chamber said sulcus, for the left and right ventricular surface boundaries. The left atrium, left ventricular and right atrium and right ventricle of normal relations between the location of mild from right to left to reverse the phenomenon, that is, tend to front the top of the right heart, left the bottom of the left ventricular biased.

The heart is a hollow muscular organ with a four-chamber: After the upper part of the left atrium, right atrium, atrial septum between the two are separated; before the lower part for the left ventricle, right ventricle, the two intervals to ventricular septal. Under normal circumstances, because of room, ventricular septal separation, left heart and right heart does not directly transport, but each atrial Atrioventricular I may be leading to the ipsilateral ventricle.

Thin-walled right atrium. According to the direction of blood flow, right atrium has three entrances, one exit. Entrance that is on the inferior vena cava and coronary sinus mouth mouth. Ostium of coronary venous blood for the heart wall of the main entrance. Exit right atrioventricular mouth, right atrium with its pass to the right ventricle. After the lower part of atrial septal oval oval depression, said Waterloo for embryonic period connectivity left and right atrium of the foramen ovale ruins after atresia. Right atrium to the left before striking the upper part of that right atrial appendage.

Different from the right ventricle 2, the entrance that is the right atrioventricular mouth, and its peripheral shaped leaves with three valves, said the right atrioventricular valve (that is, the tricuspid valve). By location, respectively, said before the valve, after the valve, valve septum. Vertical valve chamber, and by many lines kind of tendons and ventricular papillary muscle connected walls. Pulmonic said exports, and its peripheral valve has three half-moon, said the pulmonary valve.

Left atrium constitute the majority of the bottom of my heart, there are four entrances, one exit. In the left atrial posterior wall of both sides, each with a pair of pulmonary vein for pulmonary vein around the entrance; the left atrium of the former under the left atrioventricular mouth, leading to left ventricle. The front of the left atrium to the right before the salient parts of the left atrial appendage said.

Left ventricular discrepancy 2. That is, the entrance of the left atrioventricular mouth with peripheral left atrioventricular valve (mitral), by location, said before the valve, after the valve, they are tendons, respectively, with the former, the latter linked to papillary muscles. Export-aortic mouth, is located in the front left atrioventricular mouth above the margin of the aortic valve with a half-moon.