Causes of joint pain

In life, many people are troubled by joint pain. Joint pain caused by many reasons, according to age, sex, site of onset, symptoms characteristic of the general can be summed up in the soft tissue and cartilage and bone, and inflammatory and other reasons. Arthritis caused by any reason, such as timely medical care, and symptomatic treatment, cure or mitigation generally. Joint pain caused by the main reasons are:
1. joints around the ligament injury
Peg-leg knee ligament in the knee when the stability of the relatively poor, if at this moment by the external forces lead to a sudden or hallux varus, there are likely to cause medial or lateral collateral ligament injury. Trauma patients will have a clear history of knee pain, swelling, ecchymosis, activities restricted.
2. cartilage injury
Mainly knee meniscus injury, when the peg-leg at the knee, if a sudden excessive internal rotation or external rotation knee extensor (such as playing football, the play turned leg bending action), there is likely to cause meniscus tear. There will be obvious knee meniscus injury tear flu, was joint pain, activity limitation, walking claudication, joint activities are snapping.
3. joint synovitis
As a result of trauma or excessive strain injury and other factors synovial effusion after a large amount, so that intra-articular pressure increased, leading to joint pain, swelling, tenderness and friction Shibuya fat sounds. For example, take the initiative to extreme knee straight, especially that there is a certain resistance to do extensor movement, pain in the lower part of the patella will intensify. In extreme passive flexion, the pain will be significantly heavier.
4. autoimmune diseases
Immune system diseases such as lupus and psoriasis, will also appear swollen and painful joints violations, which rely on blood tests to help diagnosis.
5. Child Growth pain
Such patients are in the main growing period of the children, mostly boys. Pain is commonly found in the knee, hip and so on. This is growth and development of children emerged in the course of a normal physiological phenomenon. As a result of the growth phase of the children in bone growth relatively quickly, periosteum and local muscle growth and development of co-ordination, thus giving rise to discomfort, joint pain appears. It was also suggested that such pain is caused by infection of low toxicity.
6. traumatic arthralgia
Due to some accidents or incidents, so that shoulder, wrist, elbow, knee, and ankle joints and other parts of the fractures occurred in the absence of serious trauma cases, (such as soft tissue injury, fracture and dislocation, etc.) arising from joint pain.
7. Septic Arthritis
There are systemic infection in other parts of the history or the history of local trauma, pain, swelling of the joints can be, deep in the site also may not be apparent, but are elevated temperature, joint pain, not activities, such as elevated blood and so on.
8. osteoarthritis
Age at onset of osteoarthritis after the age of majority at 40. Joint pain morning heavier, more light during the day and night. Joint positions and spur Hyperosteogeny friction around the body, can cause pain in the joints.
9. osteoporosis
Older women more than the whole body joint pain, are particularly weak, not weight-bearing walking, if the exclusion of other diseases, may be suffering from osteoporosis.
10. rheumatic and rheumatoid arthritis
Occur in 20 to 45-year-old woman. Rheumatoid arthritis are often migratory pain (pain location uncertain), pain, swelling, stiffness and more occurred in the wrist position, and sensitive and swollen joints, pain simultaneous, symmetrical morbidity (such as double wrist, double knee ).