eyes also need nutrition

Nutrition, eyes also need nutrition eyes are the body's vital organs, with a long eye, such as reading, watching television, the computer can cause eye fatigue, general fatigue, the spirit of extreme tension; malnutrition, the ultimate result is that vision decline.
Eyestrain common symptoms are headaches brain up, eyes dry, long-term eye fatigue, can cause vision loss and reducing efficiency.
As a result of modern television, computers, homework and work, excessive use of eyes, easy tears, fatigue, allergies, vision loss and other issues, usually eat more benefit from the eyes of food, already have of great help.
What food can add nutrition eyes do?
First, proteins, such as such as lean meat, poultry meat, animal offal, fish, shrimp, milk, eggs, beans and so on. Human tissue repair proteins necessary raw materials and, of course, the eyes are very important.
Followed by the vitamin a and c, vitamin a can prevent dry eye and night blindness, the elimination of eye fatigue, chronic lack of vitamin a time, vision will be a sharp decline, so adequate daily intake of vitamins should be a. Vitamin c is the composition of the eye lens, one of the ingredients, if a lack of vitamin c, it is easy to suffer from cataract disease. Therefore, the lack of vitamin a and c friends should eat a variety of fresh vegetables and fruits, especially carrots, amaranth, green peppers, cucumbers, cauliflower, Chinese cabbage, Fresh, raw fruit such as pears.
Finally, we frequently mentioned eyes can not be ignored, often massage about brows, eyebrows and the midpoint of the mid-point of the orbit, with the corner of the eye. On the visual help.
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