causes of headaches

Headache caused by many factors, which can be physical, chemical, biochemical or mechanical in nature. However, according to the site of a headache, nature, accompanied by the symptoms and the evolution of the situation, the general is able to ascertain the cause of headache.
Physical factors
Can cause pain organizations outside of intracranial inflammation, injury of a variety of reasons; a result of oppression, such as tumor causes vascular traction, stretching, displacement, expansion; meningeal irritation; muscle contraction; disposable head and face directly stimulate the sensory nerve, etc., can cause headaches.
Biochemical factors
Such as norepinephrine can vasoconstriction, histamine can intracranial vasodilator, bradykinin can produce aseptic inflammation and reaction. These substances can induce a headache.
Endocrine factors
Such as migraine headaches occur in the menstrual period, pregnancy mitigation, menopause is not fat, and tension headache is often heavier in the menopause. Intravenous prostaglandin can cause severe headache. Attacks and ease the headache often associated with endocrine more closely related. Neuropsychiatric factors when people are physically and mentally stimulating the adverse external environment often produce anxiety, anxiety and other emotions, resulting in a headache attack.

Others: such as the eyes, ears, nose and nasal sinus side, teeth, neck and other lesions may stimulate nerves, reflex or the impact of the proliferation of head and face, caused by or involving reflex headache. In addition, such as colds, high blood pressure and many other diseases will be the performance of a headache. Still has a lot of headache patients was no reason, but the head was swollen, heavy, tighten and so on. But most have fatigue, insomnia, concentration, memory and other symptoms, this is the function of neurasthenia headache patients.
In addition, severe anemia, uremic patients and smoking too many people will feel a headache, long-term living in the stuffy air or high-noise environments, are often a headache.