Symptoms of heart disease

Diagnosis of the disease symptoms are often the precursor. The same was true of heart disease, the patient's feeling, but also provides physicians with an important clue. However, in real life, some irrelevant symptoms linked with heart disease is common thing. Many people think that is the heart palpitations. In fact, despite the heart palpitations but it is a healthy and sound of. Therefore, the symptoms of heart disease to make it clear that to arouse people's attention and the elimination of unnecessary uncertainty is necessary.
Fatigue: It is often a variety of heart disease symptoms. When the heart so that poor blood circulation, metabolic wastes (mainly lactic acid) can accumulate in the tissues and stimulate peripheral nerves, cause fatigue. Fatigue can be re-light, light can not care, could impede the work of the heaviest. However, there is no specificity of heart disease fatigue, it and other diseases caused by the difficulty of distinguishing between fatigue.
Pain: myocarditis, pericarditis, arrhythmia patients may feel chest pain. The most common is angina. Angina often tired, excited, a meal for the incentive sudden attack, chest pain and more in the middle, there is oppression, burning or squeezing flu, and even a sense of dying of suffocation, and some may Bleeding in the left shoulder, back and medial left upper arm. Pain in the short duration of the disappearance of 3-5 minutes, the longest not more than 20 minutes.
Shortness of breath: shortness of breath are common symptoms of heart disease. The most significant feature of exertional shortness of breath and paroxysmal nocturnal dyspnea. Labor is shortness of breath shortness of breath with activity. Heart disease often say, I am on the second floor have palpitation, breath, can not stand; paroxysmal nocturnal dyspnea sleep at night that is uneven, and sometimes hold up from a dream, and sit a while in order to ease breathing.
Cyanosis: skin and mucous membrane, antihelix around the nose and lips weeks purple fingers.
Edema: the body or lower extremity edema, and sometimes appeared stagnant water in the chest or abdominal cavity.
Palpitation: Patients often feel palpitations, especially in activities beyond. However, in the heart or other diseases may also occur when the disease, the diagnosis of heart palpitations of little significance