Because of pain in the eye

Most of the eyes because of pain in the eye itself caused problems, including infection by stimulating or injured. Although the eyes but sometimes the pain, in fact, diseases are emerging elsewhere, for example, or in the nose and paranasal sinuses. If you suddenly felt pain in the eyes (monocular or binocular have pain), then there may be caused by the following reasons:

1) c. Conjunctival lesions
Kok Conjunctival because microbial infection, physical and chemical factors that stimulate the inflammatory response that there are often caused by eye irritation, grinding pain, often accompanied by acute phase are jealous, such as an increase in tears. This situation only on the inflammation of the eyelid or complicated calculus treatment can.
2) asthenopia
Commonly found in close-up with longer working hours, such as students, editors and so on. Eye pain is usually pain, easy to tears, often turn for the better after the break.
3) supraorbital neuralgia
Because supraorbital nerve above the eyes and the surrounding skin, eye pain so often in and around the eyes sting, and some may have eye pain. Acupuncture and physical therapy to alleviate this pain to a certain extent.
4) glaucoma
Acute congestive glaucoma attack, the intraocular pressure may be increased to 70 mm Hg or more, there will be severe eye pain, headache, with jealousy, vision, nausea, vomiting.
Many patients are often the first diagnosis of internal medicine, neurology, led to delays in the disease. Under the circumstances required to carry out emergency treatment of ophthalmic through drugs reduce intraocular pressure, improve the water cycle eye condition, rescue visual function. When necessary, the need for emergency surgery.
Love Tip: There is also a situation of chronic elevated intraocular pressure is often mild eyes bulging, acetify. With time, the eye gradually adapt to the intraocular pressure, eyes bulging and so does not apply to go away.
The disease often leads to delays, therefore, be significantly decreased when the visual treatment, the disease often has reached a late stage. This requires vigilance, especially those with risk factors for glaucoma crowd, such as the family have glaucoma, high myopia, diabetes, such as central retinal vein occlusion.