Eye diseases first aid

The eyes are the window of our psychological, so we have to crack the Prevention of Cruelty to. Teach you the following first-aid methods of eyes: If you suspect head injury, foreign bodies embedded in the eye or chemicals splash into the eyes, should call the emergency phone.
If the eye with blood, the application of clean cloth to cover the eyes, and bring patients to the hospital.
If the eyes are active bleeding, should raise the patient's head position so that it is higher than the heart, with a clean cloth to cover their eyes and took him to a nearby hospital.
NOTE: If you suspect head, neck, back injury, not to move patients, emergency phone call.
Symptoms: eye injury or break, the eyes can not be opened, around the eyes or eye pain, light allergy, eyes bleeding, visually impaired, the eyes dry, itching, headaches, tears, ranging from bilateral pupil large, fast frequency chemicals splash into the eyes blink
Note: do not waste any time, immediately wash with water eyes, and to ensure that there is water below the double-eyelid to enter. Do not use anything other than dealing with the eyes. Do not let patients rub their eyes.
1, eye wash with water. If you can not find the tap, you can use cup of water rinse eyes for 15 minutes, and to ensure that water entering the eye angle. Wash the eyes, so who opened his eyes and the flow of water washed at least 15 minutes, and water before entering the eye, and then out of the eyes. If the eyes damaged water rinse eyes.
2, if the patients to wear contact lenses should we let him off.
3, suffering from eye coverage. After washing with a clean cotton cloth covering of the eye disease, and covered his eyes bandaged in order to reduce the risk of eye activity. If possible, should be to identify the chemical burns the eyes, or at least should tell their doctor chemicals are wet or dry.
Foreign Bodies:
Note: Do not try to be embedded in the eyes of foreign bodies removed. If a larger foreign body, such as pens, used in a paper cup on the open a hole and put it in the eye to boosting the foreign body, and fixed cups. With cloth to cover the other eye in order to avoid suffering from eye movement. If the foreign body in the smaller, and with a cloth to cover his eyes and less fixed.