Symptoms of cervical spondylosis

As a result of the cervical, cervical disc itself and the surrounding muscle, ligament strain and other organizations, aging, trauma, stimulate, oppression and neck nerves, blood vessels, spinal cord, can cause neck and the Ministry of the upper limbs, head, or even a series of lower extremity The clinical manifestations. Medically known as cervical spondylosis.

Because, from the brain's nerves to be first out after the body arrived in cervical, head and upper limb blood supply would have to go through the cervical, therefore, caused by cervical spondylosis clinical symptoms are very complicated.

Comparison of cervical spondylosis light only appear neck, above, the hardware, pain, cervical flexion and extension, rotation activities can increase the symptoms. If the impact on the nerve leading to the upper limbs, the neck may also occur the Department of associated upper limb pain, or numbness, skin may also appear insensitive, upper limb muscle strength weakened. If the impact on access to the head of the nerves, blood vessels (vertebral artery), can occur dizziness, headache, nausea, vomiting, tinnitus, depending on material, such as unclear.

The main symptoms are: 1) activity limitation of head and neck, eyes closed, to the rotation around the head and neck, causing migraine headaches or dizziness. 2) the activities of pain from time to time. 3) stiff neck. 4) accompanied by hand pain paresthesia (skin allergies, ants go flu, fingers fever, chills, etc.). Fingers can not. 5) do not promote as a result of intracranial blood can cause ischemic behind the head and the performance of a series of symptoms such as migraine headaches, visual impairment, tinnitus and hearing loss and so on. 6) there is spinal stenosis may be caused in the bow suddenly body numbness, or has been feeling kind of power.
Answer 2:
If it is unreasonable because of the long-term posture caused by neck muscle stiffness caused by headache, dizziness, nausea, sleep quality and memory symptoms such as shoulder pain, and that the proposed massage, pull cans (not Cupping, which The most important step) treatment, soon will be the lifting of the problem. But if Cone because cervical lesions (hyperplasia or highlight) caused by spinal stenosis, caused by cerebral ischemia caused by the above-mentioned phenomena and the emergence of symptoms such as numb fingers, and that the proposed external Schiff spur consumer treatment, the drug mainly by cubeba ears, legal grass, shochu, borneol and other natural herbal composition, with Xiaozhongzhitong, softening rickets node, activating blood stasis, pass by the active function, mainly on: Gucining, periarthritis of shoulder, lumbar disc herniation, cervical pain, bone proliferation; of tennis elbow, bursitis, knee effusion, due to a sprain, trauma caused by muscle, ligament edema, atrophy, induration symptoms have a very good therapeutic effect. As for what kind of treatment, please according to their specific symptoms or to the hospital to determine the film.
Answer 3:
The main symptoms were acid wrinkle neck, shoulders acid, hand Ma, dizziness, headache, back acid Shen, upper arm or anterior lateral string pain, symptoms of many, but not necessarily the same time, you can visit our website to see a , the above detailed.