Pneumonia treatment

Pneumonia refers to lung inflammation in real terms, the pulmonary capillary congestion, edema, alveolar fibrin exudation and cellular infiltration, and even pulmonary pathological changes such as real change. The most common cause is infection, physical, chemical and allergies and so on. Daily stresses of pneumonia mainly refers to bacterial infections caused by pneumonia, this pneumonia is also one of the most common.
In recent years, domestic use of the treatment of immune agents viral pneumonia, such as the specificity of horse serum treatment of adenovirus pneumonia, without the merger of early infection better efficacy. (interferons) can inhibit the replication of HIV cells and enhance macrophage phagocytic capacity, the treatment of viral pneumonia have a certain effect.
Using whey liquid aerosol inhalation treatment agent syncytial virus pneumonia, shorten the course of treatment to relieve symptoms are - setting role.
Symptomatic treatment
Cough has phlegm, and not to abuse antitussive agents, due to the detriment of expectoration cough suppression. In order to avoid obstruction of bronchial sputum may make use of expectorant agents such as licorice compound mixture, 10% Chloride solution, ipecac syrup, cough syrup, such as the enemy.
Viscous sputum can be used n-chymotrypsin 5mg saline plus 15 ~ 20ml supersonic aerosol, can also be used Yuxingcao inhalation. Dry cough and the impact of sleep and diet, will be taking 0.5% of codeine syrup, each 0.1ml/kg, even daily with 1 ~ 3 times, the drug can inhibit the cough reflex, can inhibit breathing, it can not be abused or over dosage Great. Dextromethorphan dextromethorphan) each 0.3mg/kg, daily 3 to 4 times, there antitussive effect, but does not inhibit breathing.