function of teeth

Different teeth have different functions, but they have a common feature: chewing, pronunciation, and beautiful.

Chew: humanity is a wide range of food, fiber-rich foods, and food starch, which have food and the size of soft and hard, it requires a high degree of differentiation of the teeth, to adapt to the diversity of human food . If incisor can be steamed, Luo Bing, fruits, whole foods, such as cutting down at times for chewing in the mouth. The canine has a sharp tip of the tooth, can Pig, indica toughness of fiber and other food to tear open. Premolars and molars, to Yaosui various types of food, ground. A variety of different forms of teeth, are coordinated together, both the division of labor, and work together to complete chewing function.

Pronunciation: to issue a wide range of human voices to express ideas or feelings of the exchange, in the teeth to help pronunciation when play a vital role, it can help dental issue. If the missing front teeth, not words sound together, leakage, dental made inaccurate, the natural language is not clear.

Appearance: neatly arranged on the lower jaw teeth, cheek and lips will support the face, the face appears to be full. If the upper and lower teeth bite abnormalities, such as anti-bite, prominent chin forward, the package covered under the teeth on teeth, so that the shape change, aesthetic impact. If the whole toothless mouth, lip and cheek and soft tissue lack of support, inward collapse, folds appear, appears to be old.