Knee pain

In fact, knee pain is a common phenomenon. Studies have shown that there are many factors resulting in women than in men more vulnerable to knee injuries.
To prevent knee problems (or recover from a knee injury) is the best way to maintain a healthy weight and strengthen knee muscles balanced reflection of the flexibility and adjustment, which can make less knee injury.
Women the most common cause of knee pain is the anterior cruciate ligament excessive stretching or tearing. Anterior cruciate ligament from the thigh into the back of the tibia in front of a short rope belt-shaped connective tissue. It prevents knee hyperextension and excessive rotation, so as to stabilize the knee. In most fitness process, the female anterior cruciate ligament injuries than the highest probability of more than twice as many men. In such as downhill skiing and gymnastics training for a class of movement, women than men vulnerable probability is increased to 8 times.
Like other types of knee injuries, the anterior cruciate ligament tear can cause obvious pain. Because the knee is the basis of our activities, so a direct impact on knee pain in people's quality of life.
Why is it that women's knees less vulnerable to damage it? In this regard, the medical profession vary. Some experts think that there may be anatomical differences caused. Women have wider hips, which has increased the pressure on the medial knee. Also the theory that estrogen and other female hormones can cause knee laxity or loose and therefore more unstable knee. There are statistics: Female athletes in the mid-point of the menstrual cycle, which is the highest level of estrogen, we will suffer more knee pain.
Another possible reason is that women in the running or doing other sports more often than men used to maintain the upper vertical position, this position makes biceps femoris not get enough stretching, thereby affecting the contraction of muscles and fat force, resulting in increased strength of quadriceps femoris dominate the situation. Running the greater the range of bending the knee, hip-led biceps femoris its greater range of movement, will be able to knee ligament and the surrounding bring more protection.
The prevention of knee problems and knee injuries to make the best way to recover is to keep a healthy weight and attention to the development of the body's flexibility and balance training and conditioning the muscles of the knee function will be less susceptible to knee injuries. The following exercises can strengthen these muscles.
Medial leg give
Start position: the left side of the body lying on the floor, hips slightly forward, right hip is at the top of the left hip. Left leg straight, natural flat on the floor. Peg-leg right knee, the inside of his right foot on the body near the floor. Head resting on his left elbow flexor and left big arm. Rotary right hand chest floor to support the body.
Action process: other parts of the body to maintain a smooth static, contraction of the inner left thigh muscle on the elevation to about 15 centimeters. Maintain the 3 seconds, and then slow to restore. Target number of one of his legs after the completion of a leg to do for another. Do 2 to 3 groups, each 15 times, alternating legs about to do.
Raise the degree of difficulty of the method: When the leg in action when the highest upward leg 4 to 8 times (do not fall), and then restored, then the next action.
Straight leg lift to adequate
Start position: sitting on the floor, his left leg straight in front of the body, toes up, his right foot flat on the floor, bending his right leg. Keep straight trunk and abdominal contraction, the body tilted backwards, hands in the post-up and focus on the forearm. Gently reminded by the left toes outward hip rotation, so toes point to dial on the 11 o'clock direction (right leg to do action, the location of his right foot to 1:00 direction).
Action process: tension left quadriceps and lifted his left leg and right knee until the same high. Hold the position for 3 seconds, and then gradually revert to the starting position. After all the number of his left leg after his right leg for doing this as a group. Do 2 groups, each 15 times.
Raise the degree of difficulty of the method: when the body upright exercise, to hold fast to his right knee in the chest.
Knee extension
Start position: sitting on the floor with his legs before平伸in vivo, and two towels rolled up, a pressure of a stacked in the left below-knee. Keep torso straight, crosstraining, freeclimber backward tilt the body and the body with a forearm support.
Action process: the left foot back up, the left quadriceps muscle tension so that the legs straight, knees pressure to force a towel, so that left the floor a little ankle. Maintain the 2 seconds, then relax. The number of his left leg after his right leg for doing this as a Group 1. Do 2 groups, each 15 times.
Raise the degree of difficulty of the method: Practice will be another leg up in the practice of ankle Department legs.
Start position: lie face down in the Leg cite machine, elbow pad on his arm. Gently hold the handle, slightly down resumption jaw, crosstraining, freeclimber, back straight.
Action process: Bend your legs up so near the ankle to hip. When bending the knee to 90 degrees when the stop, when the calf and more or less vertical floor, and then restore. To do with middle-weight group 1, 15 times; and then use the upper-middle weight so Group 1, 12 ~ 15 times.
One-leg balance