Health and food

To eating a certain amount of chromium. Chromium helps to promote cholesterol metabolism, enhance the body's endurance, In addition, it is certain physical conditions can also promote the formation of muscle and avoid excess fat. Middle-aged man one day at least 50 micrograms of chromium, while those larger volume of activities the day men will need 100-200 micrograms of chromium. So doses of chromium is very difficult to obtain from food, and therefore recommended that men taking chromium of pharmaceutical preparations (such as complex vitamins and minerals) or to drink beer.

To consumption of plant fiber rich food. The main function of plant fiber is able to speed up the gastrointestinal peristalsis, reduce cholesterol and some salt, reduce blood glucose and fatty acid, a step-down role, while elimination of some carcinogenic substances can to avoid suffering from rectal cancer . People eat plant fiber rich food are the feeling of satiety, but also not have to worry about accumulation of excess calories, it was also the effectiveness of weight loss. Recommendations for each meal when men consumed 18-20 grams of plant fiber. The main plant fiber rich food wheat bran, whole wheat bread, cabbage, potatoes, carrots, apples, lettuce, cauliflower, celery and so on.

To consumption of food containing magnesium. Magnesium helps to regulate the heart activity, lower blood pressure, prevent heart disease, improve the fertility of men. Recommends men should eat breakfast oatmeal with milk and a banana. Mg more food beans, baked potatoes, walnut, oatmeal, macaroni, leafy vegetables and seafood.

To consumption of food containing vitamin A. Vitamin A helps to improve people's immunity, prevent cancer, the protection of human vision. An adult male needs 1,000 micrograms per day of vitamin A, but excessive intake is hazardous to health. Containing vitamin A more food liver, dairy products, fish, tomatoes, carrots, apricots, cantaloupe.

To consumption of food containing vitamin B6. Vitamin B6 helps to improve people's immunity. Vitamin B6 can prevent skin cancer, bladder cancer, kidney stones. Men need to one day a total of 2 mg of vitamin B6, which is equivalent to two large content of bananas. Containing vitamin B6 more food chicken, liver, potatoes, sunflower seeds, avocado, banana and so on.

Vitamin C should be consumed with food. Vitamin C's primary role is to improve people's immunity, prevent cancer, heart disease, stroke, cataracts, protect teeth and gums, helps wound healing, anti-asthma, the treatment of male infertility. Also, insist on time to take vitamin C can delay aging process. Vitamin C content of the highest food cauliflower, green peppers, oranges, grape juice, tomato. U.S. experts believe that vitamin C per person per day should be the best dosage of 200-300 mg, the minimum not less than 60 mg.

A half glass of fresh orange juice per person per day is sufficient to satisfy the minimum amount of vitamin C. In addition, drink a half glass of orange juice a day can prevent a cold.

Smokers should be eating more vitamin C.

More consumption of food containing vitamin E. The main role of vitamin E is: lower cholesterol, physical removal of the rubbish and the prevention of cataracts. Walnut and peanut contains vitamin E, but it is difficult from these people have access to adequate food in the amount of vitamin E. Therefore recommends that men 10 mg daily doses of vitamin E Pharmacy.

Zinc consumption to food. Zinc can guarantee a man's sexual potency, treatment of male erectile dysfunction, and another, it also help to improve the body's resistance to disease. Recommendations men taking 15 mg of zinc, the dose is large amount of exercise for men, under normal circumstances; men only taking the dose for two-thirds of it. However, the daily volume must not exceed 15 micrograms, because excessive body would affect the role of other minerals. Lean meat high in zinc. In addition, turkey products, soybeans in the volume of zinc is also high.

To keep drinking water. Human cells can not be any lack of moisture, adult body is 60% -65% moisture, liver, brain, skin containing 70% water, 45% moisture content of bone, blood water content of 80%. If men want to keep fit and muscular, it is necessary to drink enough water, because the water in the muscle than fat in the water more than 3 times. Man of medium build and a day to be drinking 8 glasses of water, while the big men exercise demand for water is greater.