Sore throat treatment

The symptoms of chronic pharyngitis
Pharynx can have all kinds of feeling unwell, such as foreign body sensation, itching, burning, dry, micro-pain, dry cough, cough difficult net, speech fatigue, mouthwash or brushing their teeth, speech, nausea and vomiting for a long time easy.
Sore throat treatment method:
1. I take tablets, especially the mouth of phenol tablet surface can kill bacteria, help control the invasion, with a more modest role in anesthesia can be paralysis nerve endings to reduce pain, the spray liquid phenol have the same effect
2. I take zinc tablets, which can effectively relieve sore throat, but not for the use of high doses of zinc up more than seven days to avoid interference with other minerals in the body
3. Wash saline solution or other treatment, such as chamomile tea, lemon juice, whiskey, if the voices are hoarse or coughing, then the deeper parts of the pain, then rinse saline than useless
4. To increase the indoor humidity, not only mouth breathing and inhalation of dry air, causing pain
5. To solve the problem of nasal obstruction can reduce the problem of sore throat
6. Taking painkillers to relieve pain
7. Drink boiled water
8. Chamomile soak into the boiling water, then hot towel soaked dry screw directly deposited in the affected area to be cooling towel to repeat the aforementioned moves, which will help to ease discomfort
9. Taking capsules, to be effective disinfection, the only counter-productive should immediately stop using
10. Taking vitamin C, will help strengthen the organization, can help fight sore throat bacteria
11. Replacement toothbrush, an old toothbrush to prevent bacterial invasion, if the sick, the recovery should change a toothbrush to avoid being infected with