Healthy Eating

1. Daily cholesterol intake does not exceed 300 mg.

2. Fat intake does not exceed 30% of total calories.

3. Eat less or eat sucrose, glucose and other refined carbohydrate foods.

4. Eat foods rich in vitamin C such as fruit, fresh vegetables, vegetable oil.

5. Eat less saturated fatty acids and cholesterol with high food such as meat, egg yolk, animal oils, animal offal, such as.

6. Catering to high-K hyponatremia, encourage consumption of soy products, tea.

7. Eating regularly, must not be too hungry or over-fed.

8. Cellulose appropriate intake of food (including cereal starch) in order to maintain patency stool.

Remind II: appropriate movement

Heart disease is an important reason there is a lack of exercise. In the same living environment, often sitting motionless, and suffering from coronary heart disease than the regular activities 2 times higher.

Movement of the Heart What are the advantages? Movement can promote the heart of the small blood vessels to expand, extend, increase, improve myocardial oxygen supply situation, to improve blood lipid metabolism. Sports also help to improve myocardial metabolism and improve the working abilities of myocardial metabolism and cardiac function. In addition, can improve blood fibrinolytic activity, to prevent the hemagglutinin too high, to prevent and retard atherosclerosis development helpful.